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About me

Eneazer Layne "Lady E"

Eneazer (e-knee-zuhr) Layne is the founder of IMAGERY International Movement, the “I AM” Movement, a not-for-profit Women’s Empowerment Organization, launched with the purpose to pour, encourage and empower girls and women of all ages. 

For over 40 years, Lady E has found joy in being a source of transformative inspiration to countless young ladies coming into womanhood, as well as women of all ages. Layne operates Awakened Consciousness Coaching, Empowerment & Speaking Services (ACCESS) and Defy Limits, adding value by challenging mindsets, expanding beliefs and uplifting and encouraging women to Rock Their Moxie! Layne is also a proud member of The John Maxwell Team, offering masterclasses, and coaching for individuals and organizations in growth, leadership and life.

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About the Book

Surface Deep...The Evolution of You is an unfiltered and enlightened guide to digging deeper to bring forth the best you possible. Rooted in faith and personal stories of triumphs and overcoming tribulations, the book was written from an anatomical and physiological perspective to activate you to live everything between your birth and death with purpose, determination and without limits.

Section Testimonials

Chapter 1

The Journey


o you remember the day you were born? Have you ever heard anyone say: “I remember the day I was born?” No. That’s because no one remembers the day they were born.

The day you were born, you had the innate fortitude to poke a hole in the embryonic sac in which you were nourished, where for the gestational period of nine months, if you were full-term, you developed and resided comfortably. As the embryonic fluid left the sac in which you had been swimming, you found yourself in a state of suffocation—no water to swim in and you had never taken a breath. Yet you lived. You were in a state of darkness and suffocation with no place to go because the vast difference in size between the portal of the birth canal and your form made for a seemingly impossible feat. You, who knew not who you were, but knew enough to persevere with determination, pressed onward and went through the process of being born—of Becoming—because you had a will to win and you were already destined to win.

The journey began when your father and mother became one with each other, and You, a seed, was planted.

You… were the one out of millions that was viable.

You… were the one that didn’t fizzle out in the race to reach your destination—to be.

With reckless abandon, You attached.

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